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Sensitive Art Massage

What would this particular body need and what can I give?
This central question always accompanies me when I am proposing Sensitive Art Massage.

Sensitive Art Massage is based on the desire to help the client to find again contact with his/her body and thus with him/herself.
The way to get there is that the client feels safe and well enough to let go inner processes with few resistance.

Sensitive, because it is about feeling, sensing, what could be right for this person at this moment and how to put it into action. This is a permanent process needing much sensibility and experience.

Art, because like in art movements that have to be found in accordance to the body and soul of both persons. Like an artist, finding the right concrete expression, the masseur tries to find the genuine form of the body and to give to the client the opportunity to let the body come back to that form (Gestalt) through the hands of the masseur.

Massage, because it is body contact, with hands working on another body. Although it is more about “finding” the body than working “on” it, the visible activity on massage table and (sometimes with oil) appears like general massage.

Although the Sensitive Art Massage is really pleasing, it is more than simple Wellness. “Find back to myself”, Newborn”, “Feel again the woman in me”,  “I feel regenerated in my cells” are expressions I frequently hear after massage sessions.

Price 600 Kč/hour

Willi Rös giving massage