Sensitive Art Massage

What would this particular body need and how can I accompany it?

This central question always accompanies me when I am proposing Sensitive Art Massage.

My specialty is Sensitive Art Massage, a method which I developed through my work with myself, groups of people, colleages, specialists and clients. It is based on the principles of Person Centered Approach and it combines the following basic elements:
Sensitive: It pays attention to the former experience and approaches with empathy any need of the client. The therapist gently accompanies the procedure of getting in touch with the emotions.
Artistic: Like an artist who listens to the music and improvises, the masseur listens to the needs of each body and adapts to it. He tries to find the genuine form of the body and to give to the client the opportunity to let the body come back to that form (Gestalt).
Massage: The procedure may seem like the common massages, because there is use of a massage table, physical contact, touching, working with hands and sometimes use of massage oil.

During this personalized procedure it is crucial to create a safe and comfortable space for the client. First of all, a discussion takes place, in order to communicate and clarify any thoughts, expectations and questions. At this time, it also important to mention any existing injuries. Moreover, concerning the dress code, the client can choose what is convenient: the less you wear, the more direct and deep the contact is. At the begging of the session, there is a first level of contact in the whole body, by gentle touch. Then, there is a more intensive way of touch to the parts of the body that request more contact, without intension and techniques as in the well known massage. In the end of the session, there is time left for sharing thoughts and emotions about the experience, for a smooth closure. It should be clear that there is space to discover, meet and understand that the process is based as much as possible on the clients needs. The masseur does propositions, accompanies and helps the client to observe him/her self. The client is not a passive receiver, but the leader of the procedure. This means that the client is free to ask, pause, stop or change something at any time. He/she gives instructions related to the rhythm, the tension and the focusing on the parts of their body. This method does not include any manipulative techniques or any medicines. The procedure has no sexual aim and there will be no sexual relationship between the masseur and the client. It is proposed to have at least two sessions of 1.30 hour, in order to deal with anything coming up from the first session.

The method is based on PCA principles such as non-directing or pushing, accompanying intuitively, being open to the client and trusting him/her. The person is treated as a unit and the body-mind connection is crucial for the procedure. The masseur tries to act as a facilitator or a medium of communication between the body and the inner self of the client in order to achieve a pleasant and holistic experience. It aims to a more direct and unfiltered way of listening, as it is less intellectual and it pays attention to emotional and physical expression without being obliged to put anything into words. The client reestablishes contact with themselves by listening to their body, being open to vulnerability and being fully present to their whole being and existence. More specifically, there are inscribed experiences in one’s body that have been gradually accumulated during life. The socially shaped body which is defined from social expectations, norms, roles, behaviors and boundaries, finds space to recover, release and deploy itself. During the session, these embodied memories are encountered through physical contact and arise in a more conscious way. The body reacts as the awareness is awaken and the client tries to stay in contact with anything that was released through the procedure. The masseur aims to bring the client in harmony with his body and inner authentic self.

th hands working on another body. Although it is more about “finding” the body than working “on” it, the visible activity on massage table and (sometimes with oil) appears like general massage.

Although the Sensitive Art Massage is really pleasing, it is more than simple Wellness. “Find back to myself”, Newborn”, “Feel again the woman in me”,  “I feel regenerated in my cells” are expressions I frequently hear after massage sessions.

Price 1000 Kč/hour

Willi Rös giving massage