Health insurance

Good News, until November, VZP will give a refund of 500 CZK per session for consultations with me. … [Read More...]

Counselling Training in PCA

We propose an English speaking training courses into the Rogerian Person Centred Approach. The long … [Read More...]

Online Psychotherapy

You have the option to do psychotherapy online.

I offer this type of psychotherapy at distance since 1998.

I mean real on-line consultations, for which it is necessary to make an appointment like in face-to-face sessions. I do not propose consultations by e-mail because in my approach, the presence of the therapist and client is crucial.

The proposed forms are written, oral or oral + webcam. For this, the usual applications such as Skype can be used. Phone is of course possible, but you must bear the fees. Please note that due to the local conditions I have only a Czech mobile phone.

The duration of the talks, unless otherwise agreed, is 45 minutes.

You can pay by bank transfer or Paypal.


Within Czech Republic Bank transfert to






Other countries:

IBAN (International Bank Account Number)
FR76 1090 7000 4614 6192 1830 026

BIC (Bank Identification Code) CCBPFRPPBDX
Code Banque
10907 Code Guichet 00046 N° du compte 14619218300 Clé 26

RIB Domiciliation/Paying Bank BPACA CADILLAC


If you use Paypal, please add 2€ as bank fee.