Online Psychotherapy

You have the option to do psychotherapy online.

I offer this type of psychotherapy at distance since 1998.

I mean real on-line consultations, for which it is necessary to make an appointment like in face-to-face sessions. I do not propose consultations by e-mail because in my approach, the presence of the therapist and client is crucial.

The proposed forms are written, oral or oral + webcam. For this, the usual applications such as Skype can be used. Phone is of course possible, but you must bear the fees. Please note that due to the local conditions I have only a Czech mobile phone.

The duration of the talks, unless otherwise agreed, is 45 minutes.

You can pay by bank transfer or Paypal.


Within Czech Republic Bank transfert to

Raiffeisen Bank


IBAN CZ8755000000001012623648



If you use Paypal, please add 2€ as bank fee.