Classical Therapy

Classical Person-centred psychotherapy consists of being present to the client basically by talking and listening.

The aim is to create and develop a climate in which the client can dare more and more explore who she/he is, what are his/her desires, problems, motivations, behaviors and finally: Who am I really and how can I manage to live as far as possible who I am?

There are no specific techniques or strategies in person-centred therapy: the therapist accompanies the client according the clients needs and according to the possibility of the therapist. It can be with a lot of talking, questions and answers, or important moments of silence, monologue or explanations. But always following the rhythm of the client. that does not mean that the therapist is passive or does not know what to do. In contrary it means that the therapist is strong enough to adapt himself largely to the client and is experienced enough to communicate in different fields, rhythms ans types of expression.

It is scientifically proven that this approach is one of those who really “work”.

This efficiency also corresponds to my personal experience. It is the method which corresponds best to me and generally my clients are happy about the outcome.

But I also propose the language which is the most deeply understandable for me: the language of the body. So I sometimes propose Focusing or body-work in order to accompany clients in my specific way.